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The Ashes Wedding Photography

- Gill and Glynne

This was my first ever international booking; Gill got in touch with me back in spring 2014 all the way from Australia. She and Glynne had set a date for their big day and had chosen The Ashes - a stunning award-winning venue set in 50 acres of rural countryside for which I am a recommended supplier.


Their wedding day was the most beautiful crisp, bright winter's day. Just perfect.


I doubt the irony of a large group of locals and Aussies celebrating together at 'The Ashes' was lost on anyone...! It was so lovely for this couple to tie the knot on their home turf in the company of so many of their loved ones from Down Under.

Gill and Glynne_0001 Gill and Glynne_0005 Gill and Glynne_0002 Gill and Glynne_0004 Gill and Glynne_0003 Gill and Glynne_0006 Gill and Glynne_0007 Gill and Glynne_0008 Gill and Glynne_0009 Gill and Glynne_0010 Gill and Glynne_0011 Gill and Glynne_0012 Gill and Glynne_0013 Gill and Glynne_0014 Gill and Glynne_0015 Gill and Glynne_0016 Gill and Glynne_0017 Gill and Glynne_0018 Gill and Glynne_0019 Gill and Glynne_0020 Gill and Glynne_0021 Gill and Glynne_0022 Gill and Glynne_0023 Gill and Glynne_0024 Gill and Glynne_0025 Gill and Glynne_0026 Gill and Glynne_0027 Gill and Glynne_0028

Cake by Glynne's talented mum - Jacqueline Owen

Hair and make-up: Caro Millington

Dress by Swan Brides in Congleton


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